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We are committed to supporting the success of our members by providing a growing repository of resources designed specifically for the restaurant industry. While our resource library is a work in progress, the content we have in store and will continue to build over time will be incredibly valuable to your business.

We have curated an extensive collection of marketing, business, and legal resources to meet the unique needs of restaurant owners and operators. We understand the challenges you face and aim to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in this competitive landscape.

As a member of The Restaurant Collective, you will have access to these valuable resources as they become available. From industry insights and best practices to expert advice and practical guides, our resource repository will be your go-to destination for staying informed and empowered.

We understand the importance of keeping up with media and news that impacts our industry. We will keep our site updated with industry and sector news, trends, and topics relevant to the industry and our Members.

Join The Restaurant Collective to stay connected, and to share in the collective growth and prosperity of the industry.

Business & Legal

Discover essential business and legal resources for your restaurant.

Marketing Your Business

Discover essential business and legal resources for your restaurant.


Streamline restaurant operations for success. Access expert guidance, checklists, and tools to optimize efficiency, manage inventory, and deliver exceptional service, ensuring a well-run establishment.

Food tips, Facts & Inspiration

Unlock a wealth of tips, facts, and inspiration to elevate your restaurant. Stay informed with industry insights, innovative ideas, and expert advice for a thriving culinary venture.

Research & Articles

Stay informed with our curated collection of research and articles for the restaurant industry. Explore trends, data, and expert analyses to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the culinary world.

Culinary Terms

The importance of the language of gastronomy.


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Business & Legal

  • Foreign National Workers: What you need to know about business and employee rights in relation to ZEP (Zimbabwean Exemption Permit)

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  • What you need to know to open a restaurant in SA 

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  • The Protection of Personal Information Act – POPIA

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Marketing Your Business

  • Marketing your business on social media 

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  • Facebook marketing is an important tool to promote and grow your business. Download this easy-to-use, step-by-step guide to setup you Facebook Business Page.


  • Waste Management and sustainability

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  • Expanding your business

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Food Tips, Facts and Inspiration

  • Know your food and ingredient facts

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Research and Articles

Industry Reports and Research

  • Restaurant Menu Trends 2023 Report

Trends Report: Menu trends 2023: Look what’s cooking

The Unilever Food Solutions Future Menu Trends Report 2023 provides more than just a taste of what’s hot in the food world this year. It’s also a practical playbook, helping chefs to get these trends on the table simply, sustainably and cost effectively.

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South African Annual Tourism Report 2021-2022

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Culinary Terms

  • Culinary Terms

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News & Press Releases

ZEP permits fall away in Dec 22 – The Restaurant Collective – 29/08/22

Ocean Basket CEO Grace Harding – creating a collective to fight for restauranteurs against landlords – 05/08/22

Business Live – The FM speaks to Grace Harding, CEO of Ocean Basket and spokesperson for The Restaurant Collective – 30/06/22

BizNews – Feisty restauranteurs let rip on their ‘gatvol’ factor with landlords, bureaucracy, Eskom, government – 29/06/22

The Restaurant Collective of South Africa is an official registered NPC – 22/06/22

Biznews – An open letter to landlords – 21/06/22

702 – 2000+ malls in South Africa – An open letter to landlords – 21/06/22

International Women’s Day:Celebrating 3 SA women’s contribution to the SA and international restaurant industry – 08/03/22

Das Este:Omicron the new Corona variant – 27/11/21

SABC News:The National Liquor Traders Association against another hard lockdown – 27/11/21

TRC Press Release: 4th wave lockdown will permanently lockdown many restaurants – 26/11/21 / 702: Impact of loadshedding on Restaurants – 10/11/21 SA needs the hospitality industry to survive and thrive – 19/10/21

Eatout:Restaurant-collective-launches-free-online-covid-vaccine-course – 19/10/21 restaurant-collective-launches-official-non-profit-to-represent-restaurants-and-taverns – 19/10/21 SA needs the hospitality industry to survive and thrive – 19/10/21

TRC Press release: Collaboration in crisis leads to Collective action – 18/10/21

Eat Out:Forgotten and voiceless: Why has the SA restaurant industry been left adrift? – 02/08/2021

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